Wholesome Actress Danica McKellar Shares ‘Joys’ of Her Faith Journey After Finding Christ Last Year

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For a long time, what actress Danica McKellar knew about Christianity wasn’t very good. She had sat in a pew as a child, but what she saw of how some Christians acted led her away from the faith.

Enter actress Candace Cameron Bure, who invited the former star of “The Wonder Years” to church last year.

“It was Palm Sunday of 2022. And it was a Passion Play. And it just hit me like a wave. It was immediate. It was, like, the Holy Spirit just flooded me,” McKellar, 48, told the publication Christian Headlines in an interview.

She said historical abuses linked to the faith were “really my kind of awareness of Christianity before,” she said.

But her visit to church with Bure transformed her.

“It’s about your relationship with God, you get to have a personal relationship with God. And that was, like, such a revelation,” she said.

People who used the church for their own purposes “aren’t authentic Christians. And so just realizing that — it just opened the whole thing up,” she said.

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