Whoopi Goldberg Scolds Audience for Laughing at Her Retelling of Pence’s Joke About Buttigieg – ‘Not Funny!’

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There was a time, many decades ago, when Whoopi Goldberg was considered a comedian.

Now Goldberg is better known as a would-be censor, looking to stifle the spontaneity and surprise that make genuine humor possible.

When the audience of the show “The View” showed mild amusement Tuesday at a recounting of a joke told by former Vice President Mike Pence, co-host Goldberg had to stop the fun with a sour scolding. She tried to browbeat the audience by saying the joke was not funny, implying it was a dud because Republicans said it.

“Pence claimed Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg took two months of, quote, ‘maternity leave,’ during the nationwide airline crisis, Which makes Pete the only person in human history to have a child, and everyone else gets postpartum depression,” Goldberg said.

“Now, I will point out, this joke wasn’t funny when Tucker Carlson did it, it wasn’t funny when Lauren Boebert did it, it’s just not funny. It’s just not a funny joke.”

Pence, who is reportedly considering a run for the Republican nomination next year, told the joke Saturday at the annual Gridiron Club Dinner in Washington, a gathering of politicians and Washington media figures where major names are expected to make fun of their rivals — and themselves. (Pence joked about his own rumored presidential ambitions, according to The New York Times.)

The real problem for Goldberg is not that the joke isn’t funny. It was amusing enough that a portion of her audience audibly laughed.

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