Whoopi’s Unhinged Rant About Tucker Carlson Derailed After Co-Host Reads Fact Check from Lawyers

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Whoopi Goldberg is having a moment, as the kids like to say.

On Tuesday, the co-host and de facto moderator of “The View” went apoplectic over the fact that Fox News host Tucker Carlson showed viewers unseen footage from the Jan. 6, 2021, Capitol incursion. In the footage, which Carson described as “mostly peaceful chaos,” both police and individuals in plainclothes can be seen letting protesters into the building, almost as if they were matadors ushering the bulls past them. The bulls, to be fair, seemed a lot more dangerous.

Goldberg described the decision to allow viewers to see the footage and make up their own minds as “Orwellian.” As further evidence she doesn’t really understand what “Orwellian” means or what British writer George Orwell actually wrote, she had this to say about the footage: “You know, I don’t know what he’s playing at, but people saw what they saw. They saw what they saw. And they’ve seen what’s gone down with it, and no matter what, you can’t put this monkey back in the cage.”

In other words, people shouldn’t have seen what they saw on Tucker Carlson’s show — and what they did see proved exactly the opposite of what it seemed to show, according to Goldberg. (Oceania has always been at war with Eastasia. I’m holding up three fingers on my left hand. There are five fingers there. Do you see five fingers?)

Anyway, that should have been enough Whoopi weirdness for one week, and it wasn’t even hump day yet. However, she saved the best for Wednesday, when she again attacked Carlson and Fox News in an unhinged, reality-challenged rant that had the first among “The View’s” chattering equals implying that Tucker Carlson and Fox News ought to be shut down and/or prosecuted because they weren’t protected by the First Amendment.

The segment focused on a lawsuit between Dominion Voting Systems and Fox News. Dominion claims that Fox is guilty of defamation for even bothering to report on accusations from prominent figures around then-President Donald Trump that mass voter fraud involving their machines allowed Joe Biden to win the 2020 election.

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