Woke CEO Ousted from Disney, Huge Name Returns with a Powerful Mandate from the Board

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Disney fired its CEO. Everyone is shocked.

Maybe that should read: Disney fired its CEO. Everyone is shocked?

That’s because a lot of conservatives probably aren’t surprised about the Walt Disney Co. jettisoning CEO Bob Chapek on Sunday night.

But the media is stunned: “Disney Shocker: Bob Iger Returning as CEO, Bob Chapek Exits,” The Hollywood Reporter titled its article. The Los Angeles Times’ headline read, “In Hollywood stunner, Robert Iger returns to head Disney as Bob Chapek exits.” And Deadline wrote, “Disney Shocker! Bob Iger back as CEO, Bob Chapek out.”

Why the shocker?

After all, Disney stock crashed over 40 percent this year on Chapek’s watch, the Times reported.

How can a sterling company like Disney take such a big tumble?

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