Woke Country Artist Takes Jab at Tucker Carlson, But She’s Not the One Getting the Last Laugh

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“Woke,” B-list country singer Maren Morris took a dig at Tucker Carlson as she accepted a GLAAD award over the weekend that received a great deal of applause from the crowd at that show.

But Carlson will have the last laugh, given the facts he is more impactful on the culture, wealthy beyond her dreams, and people actually know his name.

If you don’t know who Morris is, you certainly shouldn’t feel left out. I had never heard of her before she dangled her own child in front of the LGBT mafia and postured herself as a civil rights icon in March.

The singer positioned herself against a Tennessee law that bars perverse adults from corrupting kids at drag shows.

“Yes, I introduced my son to some drag queens today,” Morris said at a concert, Entertainment Weekly reported. “So, Tennessee, f***ing arrest me.”

Morris hasn’t had a great deal of success on the charts, so that statement was her introduction to many, many people.

She did receive a bit of clout last fall after Carlson called her a “lunatic” on his show when the singer tried to send a mob after country singer Jason Aldean and his wife Brittany.

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