Woke media, activists SHOCKED to discover TPUSA conference for conservative women promotes conservative values

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An event in Dallas for young, conservative women was held over the weekend by Turning Point USA, to bring women together, to talk about values and how best to lead a fulfilling life filled with love. Speakers at the event stressed the importance of relationships, finding and building community, the necessity and grace of motherhood, and the importance of strong families.

But to so many publications on the progressive left, these ideas of communion, companionship, citizenship, and stewarding the future of civilization were nothing but hate-filled messages designed to send women back into the proverbial stone age. They just don’t seem to understand that the careerist, opportunistic, hook-up mentality that has been pushed on young women for decades not only doesn’t make women happy, but makes our society and civilization weak and soulless.

Media Matters blasted TPUSA for suggesting that women who want marriage and family should find a man who can protect, serve and lead his family, and to create a relationship grounded in morality and God’s love. They honestly believe it is bad for a woman to want to marry a man with strong values instead of pursue a life of random, meaningless hook-ups.

“The consistent message was simple and clear,” they wrote with derision, “Young women ought to aspire to find a man who will marry them and  shepherd them through life, followed by having babies and dedicating themselves to domestic responsibilities.”

Not only did Media Matters misconstrue the premise, but they have no tolerance for more traditional lifestyles that prioritize family, love and community over career, casual sex, and identity politics as a means to fulfillment. They assume that there is something lesser in raising a family, something lesser in being a mother, a wife, bringing the next generation adulthood with Christian values of faith, responsibility, and kindness.

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