Woman Looking for Christmas Decor Found Missing Husband’s Mummified Body – Cause of Death Revealed

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Last year, Jennifer Maedge of Troy, Illinois, made a call that no one wants to make. On April 27, she reported that her husband was missing.

Richard Maedge, 53, had seemingly disappeared into thin air. His keys, wallet and car were at home, but for months he was nowhere to be found, KTVI-TV reported.

The day before he went missing, he’d called his wife and said he was leaving work early. That was apparently the last time she heard his voice.

Over the next few months, a number of disconcerting observations were made in the home.

Police noticed a “sewer-like” odor inside the house and described the residence as a “hoarder home,” according to KTVI.

Later, Jennifer called the police again to report an odd smell, but when officers entered the home, the odor seemed the same as before. At some point, a visiting family member complained not only of the terrible smell but of an unusual number of flies present in the home.

Eventually, a plumber was called and identified the odor as sewer gas coming up from a pipe in the basement. He capped the pipe, and the smell seemed to vanish.

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