Woman promotes euthanasia in Canada with video of grandmother saying she's 'looking forward' to scheduled suicide

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On Sunday, TikTok influencer Ali Tate Cutler, who has 30,700 followers on the platform and describes herself as a “Self Love Coach, Model, Mother, Aesthetic Avatar” posted a video with her grandmother who said she was “looking forward” to the euthanasia she signed up for.

“What are your thoughts as you, like, move closer to the day?” Cutler asked her grandmother.

“It’s like the light at the end of the tunnel,” she responded.

Cutler posted the video to TikTok with the title “Bubbie answering questions on Euthanasia.”

“What are some of the precursors, like the questions they asked, to make sure you’re doing it right for the right reasons?” Cutler asked. “Your diagnosis, if it’s fatal, how many more months you have. They give you time to consider. They keep stressing the fact that you could always change your mind,” the grandmother replied.

Cutler reposted the video to her Instagram account, where she has 252,000 followers and said of the video, “TBH, I was very resistant to euthanasia before she told me her decision. It felt unethical to me. But I have had my mind changed after hearing her reasons and I’m so happy that she has the option available in Canada. How to live well and die well are codes, and she has given me knowledge on both. To the Goat #euthanasia #ondying #deathwithdignity.”

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