Woman Wins $750 Million After Noticing Message on Lottery Machine, Says ‘It Was a Sign’

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The lottery, as the saying goes, is a tax on people who are bad at math.

Occasionally, however, some of us get a very big deduction and a large refund check, to boot. Count Becky Bell among those lucky folk.

According to KING-TV in Seattle, Bell — a 36-year Boeing employee who lives in Auburn, Washington — has been identified as the winner of the $754.6 million Powerball jackpot.

Bell purchased the ticket at a Fred Meyer store in her hometown on Feb. 5 and claimed the jackpot on Feb. 28.

She credits a sign from above — or from Boeing’s production line, at the very least — as the reason why she’s now quite a bit richer.

“Bell spends $20 on lottery tickets each week, and had already spent her money for the week, but said she ‘had to buy one more ticket’ after seeing a lottery sign at Fred Meyer,” KING reported.

“The sign showed the estimated $747 million jackpot, and it stood out to her as a reason to buy another ticket because just that week Boeing delivered its last 747 jumbo jet.”

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