Women’s Clothing Brand Takes Page Out of Bud Light’s Marketing Plan with New Ad

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There was a time, not that long ago, where men dressing in women’s clothes was a punchline and nothing more.

There’s a reason “Mrs. Doubtfire” was presented as a comedy. There’s a reason mid-90s sitcoms all featured an episode with at least one main male character in drag (and inevitably cuing a raucous laugh track). There’s a reason Norman Bates was portrayed as mentally disturbed when dressing up like his mother.

That reason? Men are men, and women are women.

To imply that a man being a woman is anything more than a joke or psychotic episode is to directly spit on God’s natural order of creation.

People, understandably, don’t like that.

Women’s apparel brand Anthropologie is learning that lesson in real time after posting an ill-advised video of a male model dancing around in various dresses and other articles of clothing explicitly meant for women.

You can take a gander for yourself below, but it’s as disturbing as it sounds.

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