World Health Organization Calls for Huge Global Tax Increases on Alcohol, Soda

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The World Health Organization is advising the government to use taxes to take your freedoms away.

In a Tuesday news release, WHO called for huge global tax increases on alcohol and sugary drinks, suggesting that increasing the price of these beverages by a whopping 50 percent would create healthier societies.

Sounds just ducky, right?

Citing a 2017 study, WHO claimed that its recommended tax increases would “help avert over 21 million deaths over 50 years and generate nearly US$17 trillion in additional revenues. This is equivalent to the total government revenue of eight of the world’s largest economies in one year.”

And there you have the real concern — $17 trillion in new revenue.

As far as WHO is concerned, people are merely statistical pawns who can be manipulated to generate tax dollars. With this in mind, they won’t stop with alcohol and soda.

They’ll weaponize the concept of health to give governments more money and power and individuals less freedom.

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