Wow: Iconic ‘Home Alone’ Scene Takes on a Whole New Meaning Thanks to Bidenomics

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There’s a scene in the iconic 1990 Christmas movie “Home Alone” where the protagonist, Kevin, goes shopping by himself. As you may remember, the movie is about an 8-year-old accidentally left alone at home who has to fend for himself.

Some of the items in the precocious Kevin’s grocery cart were a TV dinner, a loaf of Wonder Bread, frozen Mac and Cheese, Saran wrap, a half-gallon of milk, Tide, half a gallon of orange juice, toilet paper, dryer sheets and a pack of plastic soldiers.

Along with a coupon, Kevin’s total bill came to $19.83.

According to Fox News, if you bought everything on Kevin’s list last year, your total would have been $44.40. In 2023, that same grocery list would cost $72.28.

While inflation has cooled a bit from 40-year highs, a Fox News poll found that 78 percent of respondents still rate the economy negatively. Most don’t see permanent relief coming soon.

American households now spend over 30 percent more on grocery essentials than they did in 2020, Census Bureau data shows, according to Natural News. For a typical family of four, the weekly food bill has swelled from $238 to $315. That’s over $300 more per month.

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