'YASCAR': NASCAR once again panders to LGBT community

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NASCAR is once again pandering LGBT stock car racing fans, this time by sharing a tweet captioned “YASCAR” along with a photo of Pride-themed NASCAR merch.

“Yas,” as described by Wikipedia, “a playful or non-serious slang term equivalent to the excited or celebratory use of the interjection “yes!”, though with LGBT or queer cultural associations.” The term was added to Oxford Dictionaries in 2017, and defined as a form of exclamation “expressing great pleasure or excitement.”

The tweet is not the first instance showing NASCAR attempting to pander to the LGBTQ. Earlier in June, the company apologized for so-called “recent actions” that may not have “aligned” with the auto racing giant’s “mission to be a welcoming sport for all.”

“As we celebrate the LGBTQ+ community, we acknowledge that recent actions have not aligned with NASCAR’s mission to be a welcoming sport for all,” the statement said.

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