'Yeet the teet' doctor poses with teen patient after double mastectomies

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A young patient, a biological girl, could be seen smiling while posing with her doctor, a woman who appears to be her mother, and a fluffy dog after having undergone a double mastectomy for the purposes of treating gender dysphoria.

Fresh surgical incisions were visible on the young patient’s chest as she stood with her Hawaiian shirt opened and unbuttoned, under a sign that reads: “be yourself.”

The doctor who performed the surgery, Dr. Sidhbh Gallagher, posted a congratulations to her mutilated patient on Instagram. Gallagher is a Miami-based plastic surgeon who specializes in what she called “yeeting the teets,” or performing double mastectomies of women and girls’ healthy breasts for the purpose of gender affirmation.

Gallagher has performed hundreds of breast removals on biological women for the purposes of gender affirmation, and has treated patients who are only 13-years-old. Her practice is in Miami Beach, Florida.

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