You Can Now Run Classic 1993 Video Game Doom on Gut Bacteria, But There’s a Big Catch

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Fans of the seminal 1993 first-person shooter Doom have no shortage of ways to play the iconic video game.

You can play it on pretty much any computer made after 1997. You can play it on the Sony PlayStation. You can play it on the Xbox One. You can play it on the Game Boy Advance. You can play it on your phone. You can play it… on a piano? And an ultrasound scanner?

Wait. What?

Yes, if you’re at all tuned with video game culture or gaming memes, you’ve undoubtedly heard the long-running joke: “Can it run Doom?”

In fact, that memetic question has spawned its own website that keeps careful track of the oddities that one can play Doom on.

Those oddities include everyday items like a graphing calculator, a toaster, a Porsche’s dashboard screen, an ATM, a conferencing phone, the back of a Kodak camera, a thermostat and a digital pregnancy test.

Yes, you can really play Doom on a stick to determine pregnancy.

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