Youngkin's Virginia rejects ban on child sex changes

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The Virginia Senate Education Committee rejected six bills aimed at protecting children from radical gender ideology Thursday, with three bills seeking to ban doctors from performing experimental sex changes on minors being defeated along with three that sought to protect female school sports.

SB 1203, the Children Deserve Help Not Harm Act, would have protected minors from sex change procedures and prevented public funds from being used for “gender transition procedures” for individuals under 18 years of age. SB 791, the Save Adolescents from Experimentation (SAFE) Act, would have done the same, reports the Washington Blade.

SB 960 sought to give parents the power to withdraw consent for sex change interventions as well as prohibited government agents from withholding information about a child’s gender identity from parents. 

All three bills were proposed by Republicans and rejected by the Democrat-controlled chamber.

SB 1186, SB 911, and SB 962, which aimed to prevent males from competing in female school sports categories, were also defeated.

Equality Virginia tweeted that committee members received more than 3,000 emails “in opposition” to the bills, from people who don’t think girls deserve fairness in sports and who want children to continue to become the victims of what one pediatric neurosurgeon recently called “an extraordinary medical atrocity.”

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