You’ve Got to See the Pic: Media Literally Changed Race of Florida Bus Attacker – Report

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The establishment media’s strategy is simple: cover every example of white-on-black violence, no matter how rare those instances are, and ignore any cases where the racial mixup is flipped.

In other words, ensure the George Floyds of the world become household names while all the Tony Timpas are forgotten.

It’s not just the media, though. Leftist public school administrators teach use these deceptive tactics to teach critical race theory, Democratic politicians use them to win over votes and the left in general weaponizes them for one simple purpose: to convince Americans that the country is inherently unequal and the only solution is to burn the whole system down.

We got a peak into the way this propaganda machine works on Friday when iHeart, the written news side of iHeart Radio, covered the recent physical assault of a young girl on a school bus.

According to WPLG, the incident occurred in South Florida on Wednesday when, after a short argument, a group of boys from Coconut Palm K-8 Academy in Homestead began physically assaulting a small 9-year-old girl. At least one of the boys appears to be at least a few years older than the girl.

In this particular incident, the perpetrators happened to be black while the victim happened to be white.

A video of the assault proceeded to go viral on social media, with many political commentators suggesting it to be representative of a top-down growing acceptance of anti-white racism thanks to the rhetoric being pushed out by the establishment media, Democrats and pro-CRT public school systems.

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