Zuckerberg Emailed All Employees Telling Them ‘Please Resign,’ ‘Confidential’ Message Leaked on Twitter

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There was a leak from the Facebook hive to a tech publication saying Facebook was developing a mobile phone.

Not so, said Facebook CEO and founder Mark Zuckerberg.

And in denying the content of the leak to TechCrunch, Zuckerberg went ballistic, dashed out an angry email to all hands, and told the leaker to resign, following it with this threat: “If you don’t resign, we will almost certainly find out who you are anyway.”


As a retired business professor, when I see heads of major corporations making major errors I sometimes jokingly tell people: “Why didn’t they take one of my courses?”

With that in mind, class, let’s continue looking at this real-world case.

The Zuckerberg email — under the subject line “Please Resign” — was sent more than a decade ago, but recently came to light on the Twitter account “Internal Tech Emails.”

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